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Our Ultimate Gong Stand provides a collapsible, interlocking design that is easy to transport and assemble. The stand (minus the legs) is made completely of 3/8” AR500 steel. The Pac includes: the stand, which consists of a 29” Ultimate cross piece with (3) T-hanger slots, 2 end pieces, one gong T-hanger with hardware and a 10” AR500 round steel target, and (4) 29” steel tube legs. The crossbar contains several different holes which can also be used for hanging gongs with chain or stacking clay pigeons or Cittac 5"Knock-Offs on top. The stand is sturdy and portable yet light weight, and breaks down flat without the use of any tools. The entire stand packs away easily into its own carry bag.

The Ultimate Cross Bar will accommodate up to three 6” gongs, or two 8” or two 10” or two 12” or any two combination of 8” 10” 12” target sizes. The UltimateCrossbar will also allow the use of regular clay pigeons or our 5” AR500 Knock-Offs.

Cittac’s modular design allows you to connect additional cross pieces to each other which increases the overall length of the stand. You can also purchase 24” extension legs to increase the stands height.