About Us


CITTAC has created one of the most Collapsible, Interlocking, Target systems on the market. CITTAC’s proprietary designs are based on years of experience from sportsmen, law enforcement and military personnel, to competition shooters, weekend warriors, and metal fabricators. Our*patent pending CIT-Stand is completely collapsible yet incredibly sturdy and truly is the one target stand that does it all. The entire CITTAC target system is user friendly and requires no tools for in the field assembly.

Spend less time setting up and more time shooting.

Made entirely in the U.S.A.


CITTAC feels it is important that our targets deflect rather than absorb the bullet’s energy. We manufacture all of our target systems to angle downward at least 15 to 20 degrees to reduce target wear and increase user safety. We also design our target to move slightly, thereby allowing a large amount of the bullets energy to be deflected rather than absorbed. The design helps increase user safety and mitigate the wear on the target and extend the targets usable life.

Don’t compromise on safety or design.

Cittac Stands are made completely from steel. The unique, patent pending, collapsible, interlocking, self-supporting design ensures there are no welds, joints or bolts to break. The Stand will support both AR500 steel targets and cardboard or paper targets. The Cittac Stand really is the one stand that does it all.

Cittac Stand. The stand that lasts a lifetime.




CIT-Targets are made from AR 500 Brinell Steel. This is the recommended steel for firearm target use. It is known in the industry that the leading cause of steel target failure is due to cracked or broken welds. We do not weld to any of our targets, front or back, thereby reducing soft spots and failure points. An added benefit to our design is being able to reverse the targets and extending the target’s useable life. We have chosen to use grade 8 bolts to secure the targets to the hanging hardware. Our designs cost a little more to build but will provide a stronger target.

Don’t settle for any old steel. Demand CITTAC steel.

Why The Hercules Beetle?

The Hercules Beetle is the most well known of all the rhinoceros beetles and the largest beetle in the world. Just like the Cittac Portable Steel Target Systems, the Hercules beetle is incredibly compact and strong. The Hercules beetles is able to carry 850 times its own body weight. That's like you pulling 6 double decker buses by yourself! The male Rhino Beetles have signature horns on the top of their head which they use in solving disputes between other male beetles. Hercules beetles protect themselves from predators and other beetles with a very tough exoskeleton. The Hercules beetle's durable shell represents our abrasion resistant AR500 steel which is also incredibly durable and will deflect bullets and last a lifetime. Here at Cittac, we chose the Hercules beetle as our logo because of its compact size, portability, extreme durability…and its just dang cool.