16 inch Reactive Gong

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Our Reactive Round Gong targets are made from 3/8” AR500 Brinell Steel. The Reactive Round is 16″ and come with a 5” circle hole cut out in the center. The Reactive Round comes with a 6” round AR500 flapper plate mounted to the back of the target. Every target comes with two, pre-drilled, ½” square holes to hang the target with our Hardware Kits, or our new AR500 Target Hangers which may be purchased separately.

The Reactive Gong targets can be used with most types of hanging systems, however, when used with our Cap and Stem the Reactive Gong will be held at an approximate 20+ degree downward angle. The 20+ degrees of angle helps to deflect heat and energy away from the target and sends bullet fragmentation down and away from the user. The entire mounting hardware can be left in place meaning there are no tools necessary for target assembly in the field. Reactive Rounds are non-welded and reversible for extended target life. CITTAC Targets are shipped painted flat black. Please refer to Distances and Ammunitions Tab.