DIY Gong Kit

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The DIY Gong Kit is for the individual that can build it, but just needs a little help with the hard to make parts. All of the DIY parts are made out of 3/8" AR500 steel. The kit consists of: 1- 10" AR500 steel plate, 2- J hooks and 2- A style end pieces which are designed to fit on 3/4" EMT electrical conduit or pipe form your local hardware store. All you will need to supply is 5 pieces of 3/4" EMT pipe to accommodate for the top bar and the four legs. For convince every kit comes with a sturdy 30" long by 12" tall carry case with handles to transport all of the parts to you favorite shooting spot.

As always we recommend following all of the rules regarding distances and ammunitions. This is especially true when shooting at a vertical hanging target.

**Legs and top bar are NOT included.** We recommend having the legs and top piece cut to 29" long so they are able to fit inside the cary case.