12 inch AR500 Steel Target

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Cittac targets are made from 3/8” AR500 Brinell Steel and come in a variety of sizes, square or round.  All Targets are non-welded and reversible for extended target life. Every target comes with two, pre-drilled, ½” square holes to hang the target like a gong. When paired with our Cap & Stem and hardware kit,
the targets can easily be hung on any vertical 2×4 wooden post. Cittac targets are perfect for staging multiple handgun targets. Cittac targets make a great and inexpensive plate rack when paired with additional Pro-Stands, Rack-Caps and Sliders. All Targets are shipped painted flat black. Please refer to Distances and Ammunitions Tab

*Please note that the Rounds do not come with the mounting hardware kits and it must be purchased separately.

Weight: 12.65 lbs.