Critter Sitter Kit

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The Critter Sitters are designed to sit in the T-slots on top of the Gong flat bar. Once the Critter Sitter is in place, attach the three AR 500 small weight plates to the bottom front side of the Critter Sitter with the grade 8 bolts and locking nuts in the holes provided. The C.S. is designed to rest on top of the Gong Flat bar in a forward and downward angle. When the C.S. is shot the target reacts by rocking backwards and then gravity resets the target to the forward position The C.S. is a solid piece of 3/8" AR500 Steel. The C.S. is designed so there are no springs to break or welds to fail. The Critter Sitters can also work as a stand alone ground target by placing one weight plate in the front of the target base and two weight plates in the back. Secure weight plates with provided bolts and nuts and place the target on the ground. When the target is shot it tips over and will need to be manually reset.

There are several different Critter Sitters to choose from: Prairie Dog, Rabbit, Crow, and Bowling pin. Each Critter Sitter kit comes with the critter target, three AR500 weight plates, and two grade 8 bolts and nuts.