IDPA 60% Reduced Silhouette

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The 60% Reduced Silhouette is a well known target size and shape used in different shooting venues. Our Reduced Silhouette is made from 3/8” AR500 Brinell Steel and measures approximately 12” wide and 19.5"” tall including the 4”x4" head box. The R-Silho has two, ½” square holes at the shoulder line to mount to our Hardware Kit. (Hardware Kit not included) The R-Silho can be used with most types of hanging systems, however, when used with our Cap and Stem the target will be held at an approximate 20+ degree downward angle. The 20+ degrees of angle helps to deflect heat and energy away from the target and fragmentation down and away from the user. The target does not have any welded parts to either the front or the back making it reversible and extending the target life. The entire mounting hardware can be left in place meaning there are no tools necessary for target assembly in the field. The R-Silho fits conveniently in the CITTAC Pro-carry case. Please refer to Distances and Ammunitions Tab. Silho ships painted flat black.