5" Flipper Target

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The Cittac Flipper Target is a great addition to any system. As with all of our targets, the 5” Flipper Target is constructed from 3/8” AR 500 Steel. The flipper target is design to set down into the flipper bracket on the backside of the 60% reduced IPSC or the 12x24 Silho target. The flipper is designed to give a 5” “hostage taker” head shot that flips back and forth from side to side. The Flipper Target ships painted.

Note* The flipper is recommended as a handgun only target. It can be used with rifles at rifle recommended distance but prolonged use could possible break or loosen the welds on the flipper bracket.

Note *The Flipper is sold as a replacement piece without the Flipper Bracket. The Flipper Bracket may be purchased separately.