What Sets Our Steel Targets Apart

At Cittac, portable steel targets are our speciality. Here are just a few of the things that set our targets apart from those of our competitors.

Made from heavy gauge steel

You can trust that our targets are made from a heavy gauge steel that will continue to last. All of our standard steel targets are made from ⅜ inch AR500 Brinell Steel. With proper use, these targets can last virtually forever.


A non-welded target is much stronger than a welded one, as the welding process will weaken a steel target plate. Moreover, using hardware as opposed to welding to mount a steel target is proven safer, as the hardware occupies very little surface area on the front of the target, and the non-welded surface is less prone to divot after bullet strike.

Completely reversible

Another advantage of using hardware mounted targets is that they are completely reversible. This gives you two times the use from a single investment.

Easy to assemble

Each of our targets comes pre-drilled with two ½ inch square holes for hanging. With a Cap and Stem and one of our hardware kits, mounting steel targets has never been easier. You also have the option of hanging your steel targets with additional Pro Stands, Rack Caps, and Sliders for a truly custom plate rack.

Better for target practice

These targets offer several advantages over traditional paper targets when using them for target practice. For starters, bullets will either bounce off or vaporize upon contact, meaning no more holes to patch and no more chasing down your targets to see whether you have hit or missed. In addition, these targets make a loud ringing sound when hit, giving you instant feedback as you are shooting. Considering these advantages, you will become a better shooter more quickly using these targets than you would using paper targets.